The last century was a century of changes; human beings managed to bend the laws of nature and change the life of planet forever.
We learned to fly although we don’t have wings, we manage to swim faster than the fastest fish, we defeated deseases and we live longer.
Together with this achievements we face great challenges; global warming, over usage of resources,hunger, depressions and new desists.
There are many differences among us human beings, and yet there are much more commonalities.

Above all, we have our strongest desire, the desire to live and to survive.
But can we live without a planet?

Forests which provide us with the oxygen we need to survive, are being transformed into furniture and paper on which the doctors write prescriptions for medicine to treat the desists we suffer from due to lack of oxygen.
One part of the world suffers from obesity, while another suffers from hunger, the cost of treating the obesity is equal to the cost of providing food to the hungry.

We want to live and we want to be happy.
But are we really happy, is our life truly , fully satisfying?
How much happiness we buy together with the new shoes? For how long this happiness is lasting?

Imagine you are entering a shop; you see a beautiful pair of shoes; you try them on- they perfectly fit you and you gladly buy them.

Now imagine, you are entering a shop; you see the same shoes, they are beautiful and perfectly fit you, now the seller tells you that  all income from the sale of this shoes will be donated to orphans.
Not only that you bought a pair of new shoes, but you also helped orphans.

Which pair of shoes will you buy? What will make you happier?

We believe the world should be different.

We see a society which values the nature, a society which value creativity and a society which values the individual by its contribution to the society.

We see individuals ready to help each others, we see individuals which feel satisfied by their life, healthy individuals and individuals that live in a safe environment.